By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. – Oscar Wilde

Men are from Mars, maybe? – A Girls Perspective

Every girl in the world wants that one guy that makes them feel like you are the only girl for them, that hugs you and instantly everything seems so much better, the feeling of safety when your around them, the constant smile that creeps up on your face when they text or you see them walking towards you with a glint in their eye. You know that feeling when you just feel complete, that nothing could ever go wrong in your life again? I think that is the best feeling in the world.

Yet boys are a species I’m still failing to understand, like why they do the things they do to impress you, why the things happen that hurt you, why they run away from the problems when it’s really just making them worse. But it makes you think a little…are they really worth your tears? I mean does anybody really know what love is? Is it a mix of things or just one thing that makes that word meaningful? Nobody really knows..yet every person at one point has said ‘I love you’ to at least one important person in their life.

The motto I stick to is “If it’s worth fighting for..fight until you can fight no more.”

^That works for me, but you might be different. But as long as that one person makes you happy, whether it be male or female, they’re worth it. So keep fighting! And if they don’t realise how hard your trying to make it work, then maybe it’s not worth the fight any more. Maybe it’s time to find someone who IS worth it.


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