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If we are still long enough,

we can see time pass by us.

We can wave and hope that,

it glances over long enough to wave back…


My Intentions

If you could look into my eyes,

Whilst you stand in-front of me.

Tell me, am I too weak to see?

Broken down, brittle when I speak.

You know not of my pain, my fear, my hate,

It’s easier to protect you from my fate.

You know not of my love,

But I care for you,

You should know my intentions were always true.

You are my love and my light,

My inspiration, that’s by my side.

I never meant to hurt you,

But my intentions were always true.

As you lay to Rest

Laid there in silence,

where you are laid to rest.

As flowers are placed upon your chest.

So suddenly you left,

not a whisper goodbye or less.

A life well lived most would say,

a happy chappy, strolling through life’s sinful grace.

You’re home now where you belong,

where heaven plays that sweet sounding song.

The gates are open, waiting for you to enter,

we will always miss you, our faithful little treasure.

As we say goodbye, tears may be shed,

as we lay you down to rest.

My Only One

Through every room you seem to glide,

like a light filling up the dark.

Your smile is wider when we meet, as I step towards your feet,

embracing arms open before me, as you place a kiss upon my cheek.

How have I never felt a love so pure, so real and so sweet.

You’re my love, my saviour and best friend all wrapped up into one.

You’re my everything,

my only one.

Let me Be

I want to be me,

I want to be free.

You really should let me be.

I am my own person,

I know what to do.

You should know that we were always through,

I never wanted, to be you.

The Feelings

Could you be the one that holds the key to my heart?

The one that knows just where to start?

As delicate as a butterfly’s wing,

feelings can be broken.

So tread carefully when you mix,

your world with all emotions.

A kiss can unleash a world full of wonder.

But what if it was just a blunder?

Or a dream you’ve just woke up from?

Hold me close and never let go,

you’re the one I want to show,

that happiness comes in droves and droves.

Stay Strong

A hard life is not the best,

but you are better than all the rest.

A lyrical genius built to last,

your career will start ever so fast.

You have the ability to speak your mind,

but stumble across and you may find,

the one true love that changes your life.

A soul that shines through and through,

a love so pure, and it’s the truth.

It may be hard, but keep that smile,

it will happen in just a little while.