By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. – Oscar Wilde

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If we are still long enough,

we can see time pass by us.

We can wave and hope that,

it glances over long enough to wave back…


Past and Future

Past is past, you leave it behind.

All that pain and anger inside.

A smile on your face is all it takes,

to make a start to a brand new day.

With your head held high, you storm on.

Away from all the bad times you’ve been going through.

They’re gone now so it’s all okay,

you’re free to be anything you could ever dream.

So take the leap, you might just make it….

Working to a Brief

A brief concise statement which aims to inform a contractor on the task at hand, it can either be a verbal brief or a written piece. Briefs are used in the media / with the media is so the client can be involved with the contractor and producer, they are able to discuss and decide on outcomes to do with the brief.

In order to complete the brief, the client / contractor would have to  map out and make sure the constraints have been considered, fulfilled or put into place:

Time Scales: Every task and decision has to be completed within a particular time frame, it could be fatal to the whole brief if time scales aren’t kept.

Costs: Making sure that everything that is bought, hired or used is okay to use and can be covered by the budget.

Legal: Is an important one to cover because if it’s not done properly it can lead to lawsuits and court cases. Also legal involves getting permission from minors parents if they are involved, and also anybody involved, everyone should have a choice.

Ethics&Regulatory: Are also important and have to be carefully considered so it / nothing has repercussions.

Equipment: All equipment has to be secured before-hand so it needs it, no complications will be met if it’s secured.

Locations: Need to be secured and confirmed in order for the brief to go ahead. Locations are important to secure, if they aren’t it could jeopardise the whole brief.

Health&Safety: Is very important when completing a brief, in order to keep everyone safe during the tasks.

A Friendly Gesture

From scooter rides, to quiet drives along the rocky roads.

Or madagascar madness, among the cinema rows.

He’s paid to do those flips and spins that wow’d so many crowds,

But should be careful where he lands, his feet should touch the ground.

Although he’s quiet, don’t be fooled, this guy likes to party.

But pass him some of those vodka shots, his heart would surely fail,

to withstand the sheer volume of alcohol that entails.

There’s so many words to describe this guy, but amazing springs to mind.

The life he dreams isn’t far to reach,

all it needs is time.